by Jane Belden

At the beginning of the week I went to see the High School production of "Boo, Thirteen Scenes from Halloween" by Pat Cook, held at the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center on Monday night. Director Rachel La Fein directed her class through the first act of 12 short skits and then the second act short play called "Her Last Possession" starring Tim martens, Emiliee Johnson, Kiera Kiefel, and Gabby Green-Nickerson. All the students gave it their best while having fun in the process of giving a decent performance. All were happy to have the opportunity to act in a real theater space. Students involved were:
Rebecca Baldocchi, Shawn Couch, Joshua Ward, Gabby Green Nickerson, Laureen Meissner, Kelli Kler, Maddy Holven, Meagan Rhodes, Susan Lopez, Tim Martens, Carissa Reynolds, Cassidy Simon, Sarah Morris, Tawny Parish, Kayla Harwood, Blake Williams, Buddy gee, Katie Wolter, Brittany Wurth, and Sharon Houston.

Reprinted courtesy of the Trinity Journal